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The 5th generation at COLUMBUS started. COLUMBUS is next to the baronial park, which is protected as European Natural Heritage. We generate our electricity by our own photovoltaic construction - depending on the weather, we are producing approx. 85%-88% CO2 neutral. (175 MWh/197 MWh) (2011). Our turnery obtains the wood only from sustainable forestry. Defective goods from production, which do not meet the high quality standards of COLUMBUS globes, are being granulated and cleaned. After that, they are mixed in a special procedure.

COLUMBUS gives the same care also to longtime staff. If there are changes in the life of a staff member, COLUMBUS is always your partner and adapts the job to the current living situation. COLUMBUS is highly interested in the social responsibility to our staff. The issues of our staff play an important role in decisisons of the management. It is not just that we feel obliged to respect and fairness.

Also, we are aware that our success lays in the hands of the staff. For this reason, we offer ideal working conditions. This includes an appropriate remuneration, high standards in work safety and health management as well as flexible working hours and extensive offers for education and advanced training. We have selected trainers, who are not just accompanying our trainees in work, but also in their social environment. Foreign staff members, who began to work at COLUMBUS as a temporary employee are now working in leading positions.

Women in management positions at COLUMBUS are 50%! Whether reputation of staff, efficient business and sustainable production - our goal is always to balance economy, ecology as well as social responsibility.

The family Oestergaard