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4D Globe App

With this App technology, our developers created a new milestone in the globe development. This globe app gives your globe a new dimension.


Once downloaded, you will have access to the latest information on the world. Move your iPhone or iPad above your illuminated DUO globe, and you will let float current weather information, temperature of all important metropolises. Or simply choose our encyclopaedia for all countries to learn more exciting and important things of our world. This encyclopaedia is updated daily.

Knowledge and astonishment are guaranteed. New themes are offered as in-purchase step-by-step.



THE INNER EARTH - new feature of 4D globe APP

The estimated age of the earth is approx. 4,55 billions of years.

Scientists divide the structure of our planet into 5 layers as follows: earth crust, upper earth mantle, lower earth mantle, outer core, inner core.

Discover this new fearture with its exciting structure of the earth. 

The app is only available in German language.

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