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Dual map system

The COLUMBUS DUO dual map system was already patented in the fifties. This patent allowed COLUMBUS to show the world in 2 different maps on just one globe - as first dual map system ever. The next consequent step was the vacuum formed dual map Duplex. The concept of the DUO system is based on the theory of colours as well as their colour mixing.

The non-illuminated map of the COLUMBUS DUO globe shows the political situation of the world. If you turn on the light, the inside printed colours of the globe are mixed together with colours printed on the outside of the globe. This causes a new map for the human eye - the physical world on our DUO globe.



By clicking below on the different maps, you will see the globe balls how they look illuminated and non-illuminated. COLUMBUS is printing with up to 12 print runs onto the inside of the globe ball, in order to give your globe a nice ambiance when you will illuminate it in the evening.