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Speaking globes and maps

Columbus globes, in addition to featuring hand-made craftsmanship, also come with a code under the map´s surface that can be read by the tip of the Columbus Audio/ Video pen. The code beneath the map has different audio and video files associated with every country on the globe. The interactive pen reads the code when touching the globe´s surface and plays the appropriate file though its integrated speaker (or through headphones).

After selecting the category "Information about Countries", when you touch a location on the sphere, the pen will offer information about the country, including its surface area, population size capital and much more. Click the "National Anthems" category to hear the interactive pen play the song associated with each respective country. The third category - the "Quiz" section - will test your knowledge of the world in an engaging and playful way. the questions can be answered by simply tapping the correct place on the surface of the globe with the pen. Be part of a fascinating learning expedition all around the planet with this interactive globe.

Please note: in order to play the associated video files your must first download the "Columbus Video Pen App" onto your tablet or smartphone from iTunes" App Store or "Google Play".

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