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We are COLUMBUS – the definitive German luxury globe company, dedicated to developing and crafting the world’s most desirable globes.

COLUMBUS globes offer a convincing combination of elegance, technical precision and highly skilled functionality. Either in your living room or in your business lobby – in each surrounding they are an irresistible attraction 

The good things in life still exist.

Today, where mass production has reached nearly all areas of life, hand made products stand for a new exclusivity - hand made globes of exceptional highly value and quality.

Representative, demanding and of lasting value. These globe models give cosmopolitan outlook and knowledge to generations. The mouth blown crystal glass balls have an impressive circumference of 1½ meters. Only after 24 print runs, the DUO map gets its caracteristical look.

Each map is printed on special hand-made paper and get its caracteristical look after many print runs. Precision and printing combined in the best map ever. Right after the hand coating of the map, the globe ball gets a high-quality lacquering, which protects your globe ball for years.

The brilliance and harmony of colours when the globe is illuminated are complemented by unsurpassed fullness of current information on the political DUO map. A map for highest requirements.

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