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World´s biggest globes - COLUMBUS MAGNUM

Patience, experience and craft passed down through the age - carefully by hand - this is what characterize the Magnum.  

The handcrafted, masterful finishing and their imposing sizes allow them to make the impression of an extraordinary lifestyle.  The unique relief shading and the cartography designed with great attention to detail strikes a chord in the beholder. The classically elegant finishing of the base provides shimmering brilliance through a very special stainless steel finish. The globe is hung at an angle of 23 degrees in a circular full meridian.  

The Magnum is hand-papered.  This technique, handed down from generation to generation, has only been mastered by the Columbus Verlag.  The passion and the craft that is required to produce it, its stately size, its simple elegance and extraordinary quality make it something truly special - unique and impossible to imitate. 

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