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2 meter moon globe at the National History Museum in Vienna

moon & starry skyglobe

The expedition of human beings into the universe has finally begun. After the moon landing and the exploration of our solar system, the ambassadors of humanity are already underway beyond these borders to the depths of the universe. The insights into astronomy and astrophysics are growing and growing, theories and ideas are changing and new facts are coming to light. The COLUMBUS illuminated globes THE MOON and THE STARRY SKY are reflections of our current knowledge.

Where exactly did Neil Armstrong make this small and yet so giant step on the moon? Where are the American and Russian landing places? What does it look like, the rearside of the moon which has been clouded in secrecy for so long? The cartographic exemplary COLUMBUS illuminated globe THE MOON provides a comprehensive overview, documented information and facts relating the current state of moon research. 

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