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Classroom globe

COLUMBUS globes are essential resources to understand the world.

With its diameter of more than 1½meter, this globe shows the up-to-date political boundaries.

Illuminated, the physical map appears. Moreover, the new COLUMBUS 4D Globe App (only available in German language) makes this globe a boundless treasure of knowledge. Our 4D Globe APP can be downloaded at the iTunes store for free.

Click here to download the 4D Globe App

For simple use, the globe base of stainless steel has 4 stable rolls as well as an extra long electrical support. Its low weight allows to lift the globe easily on steps.

Furthermore, the map contains the new TING Technology. Tip with your digital TING pen on the map and you will hear information on capitals, inhabitants, currencies, country surfaces and many more. The TING pen is separately available at COLUMBUS.